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Wing Kings E3 Video

Wing Kings! Me and Charlie’s upcoming aerial combat roguelike! Yeah, you remember!

Anyway, the game is coming along great.

We’ve recently been dealing a little with Microsoft as part of their Xbox ID programme. They’ve given us two Xbox One devkits. So right now, Xbox One has become the primary platform.

The stage we’re at now is that we’ve almost finished the single player mechanics. We have a lot of art left to go in (including different environments and a day-night cycle I’m particularly looking forward to seeing!)

Here’s our gameplay video we just released to coincide with E3

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Hello, chums!

Been quiet lately, I know. ┬áThat’s because we’ve been making this

2016 should be an interesting year ­čÖé DDMR PS4 and iOS due for launch in February. ┬áThe Death Ray Manta album whenever the game comes out. ┬áWing Kings being developed now for PS4, PSVita and XBox One. All that and whatever life throws up in between. ┬áLooking forward to it.