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8 bits too many…

So I wanted to see what the Senor Fruit theme tune would sound like using 16bit instruments instead of 8bit.

The answer is – not as nice! But it’s interesting…

Some concept clay…

Here’s Mr Fruts! The main character from Frutorious – a game I’m just beginning to create at Infinite State Games

… or at least the first concept model. He’s a nice one isn’t he!

Here’s some more shots…

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Hey kids, it’s Señor Frutz! Deluxe (Well, the title theme anyway…)

But who is Señor Frutz?  Soon all will be revealed.  In the mean time, have a listen to the Señor Frutz! Deluxe title theme music

Shepherd – NOW OUT!

Aaaaand here’s the launch trailer…

Here’s the iTunes link…

Please go and buy it! It’s only 69p!

Shepherd – pre-launch teaser trailer up!

Infinite State Games have released the pre-launch teaser trailer for Shepherd!

Enjoy and spread the word


Jimmy Dodger!

Hahah, I’d forgotten all about this until I woke up this morning singing the music…

In about 2008 when I was working in Croydon, I did the music for my chum Matthew Downie’s game ‘Jimmy Dodger’. Here’s its catchy in-game track…

Jimmy Dodger is a game where you dodge stuff for as long as you can, and of course, collect lots of fruit!


If you liked Jimmy Dodger, and I’m sure you did, you should pop along to Matthew’s web page and download more of his awesome, eccentric wee games

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Crackdown 2: Deluge DLC on Eastenders!

Just in time for the one year anniversary of Crackdown 2’s DLC pack ‘Deluge Pack’ being released, last night, Ben off Eastenders was playing it!

I was the Producer on this DLC pack and I’m also quite fond of Ben off Eastenders, so this was quite the career highlight!

And don’t forget, you can still buy Deluge and get in on the RED HOT ARCADE ACTION it provides!

Pop along here and buy the Deluge Premium pack today and you could be gaming with Ben!

Catch the whole scene here on YouTube:

NFS: The Run 3DS/Wii gone GOLD!

The latest game I’ve been working on, Need for Speed: The Run for 3DS and Wii, went gold yesterday!


It’s due for release on the 15th November in the US, 18th November everywhere else.

Here’s a cheeky preview someone shot at Gamescom of one of my favourite sections in the game, Redwood Forest.

Shepherd – Championship Mode track

We’re just getting the last bit of polish and gameplay massaging in for Shepherd just now, including a mind-blowingly intense Championship Mode.

Just putting the finishing touches on the audio too. Here’s a sneak peek of the Championship Mode remix tune

Shepherd – Coming VERY soon now!

We’re all very excited over at Infinite States Games at the moment as we’re putting together the final bits for Shepherd.

Protect your flock from evil, carnivorous aliens intent on stealing them for supper!


  • Classic fast-paced, old-school arcade action.
  • Game Center compatibility (achievements and online high scores).
  • Endless power up system rewarding skill with increased killing capability.
  • Skill-based multiplier system adding rewarding depth to the scoring.
  • Multiple enemy types, each posing a different threat to your herd.
  • Destructible terrain conceals additional power ups and bonuses.
  • Main game and score attack modes to compete against your friend’s scores.
  • Devastating smart bombs for when things get too much.
  • Simple and easy to use control system.
  • Quirky but banging soundtrack