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Frutorious E3 trailer!

Here it is, boys and girls!

The frame rate is a little shonky in this video but the game itself is smooth as a peach. It’s just because I’ve had to record the display out on my iPad using this application for Jailbroken iPads called Display Recorder It does the job but it can drop frames a bit.

Anyway, this should give everyone a good idea of how the game looks and plays! It’s still got a lot of art and polish to go in, so stay tuned for more footage soon because it’ll keep getting better and better!

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Frutorious update: FRUTORIOUS LIVES

Here’s a video of the latest Frutorious WIP prototype. As of just now we have some particles, some parallax and some peril! All the levels are randomly generated at the moment but we’re soon moving on to the next stage … making levels! Exciting.

We’ve also got an illustrator on board to paint the intro sequence for us in acrylics and she’s already coming up with some heartbreakingly cute stuff. More news on that soon!

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Some concept clay…

Here’s Mr Fruts! The main character from Frutorious – a game I’m just beginning to create at Infinite State Games

… or at least the first concept model. He’s a nice one isn’t he!

Here’s some more shots…

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