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Telestro Records

Hello there!  Time for the regular catch up of what I’ve been up to.

In a word – MUSIC!

Since Don’t Die Mr Robot launched on iOS and PS4, I’ve had a lot more time to work on the music stuff.

The first announcement for the music stuff I suppose is we’ve started a record label to independently distribute the music we make.  It’s called Telestro Records.

Telestro Records first release is a mini-EP called Hotline featuring music we made which was licensed by a game from Adult Swim Games called Wasted. These versions from the Wasted soundtrack are all lovingly touched up for this electronic release and we hope you guys enjoy 🙂



We made the intro and outro tune for the game, and from what we’ve seen it’s completely mental.  Definitely worth picking up 🙂

Hotline is the tune used in the games introduction, and Supernova is the game ending song.

Next up for Telestro Records – getting ready for our big full album release and looking into music videos D:

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Frutorious released on iOS

Things have been busy! We’ve just put out Frutorious onto the AppStore. This is a big thing for me because it’s a project I’ve enjoyed more than any other I’ve worked on in the games industry. Many many reasons for that, but the main one being because of working the fantastic team of Charlie and Graham.

Here’s the launch trailer:

You can download Frutorious on the AppStore here:

It’s getting there slowly! Each day the Facebook page gets new likes from folk from a massive variety of backgrounds, and everyone we know who’s played it has had fun. It’s also got a lot of great reviews on the AppStore which is really really flattering:

Something that makes me quite excited too, we’ve got a lot of really great feedback from players which we’ll put into the next update (along with a very unexpected gaming cross over… more on that soon)

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2012 Audio Show-reel

Plug your headphones in, here’s my audio show reel!

So, that’s me gone from Firebrand!

My work there is done. On to the next adventure! Not sure what it is yet, but it’ll start with some freelance audio stuff most probably.

Had a great time there and have been proud to work on some great titles. The games I have been working on at Firebrand (iOS games) should be out in a few months. One in particular has some very nifty music wot I done.

Shepherd – NOW OUT!

Aaaaand here’s the launch trailer…

Here’s the iTunes link…

Please go and buy it! It’s only 69p!

NFS: The Run 3DS/Wii gone GOLD!

The latest game I’ve been working on, Need for Speed: The Run for 3DS and Wii, went gold yesterday!


It’s due for release on the 15th November in the US, 18th November everywhere else.

Here’s a cheeky preview someone shot at Gamescom of one of my favourite sections in the game, Redwood Forest.

Shepherd – Coming VERY soon now!

We’re all very excited over at Infinite States Games at the moment as we’re putting together the final bits for Shepherd.

Protect your flock from evil, carnivorous aliens intent on stealing them for supper!


  • Classic fast-paced, old-school arcade action.
  • Game Center compatibility (achievements and online high scores).
  • Endless power up system rewarding skill with increased killing capability.
  • Skill-based multiplier system adding rewarding depth to the scoring.
  • Multiple enemy types, each posing a different threat to your herd.
  • Destructible terrain conceals additional power ups and bonuses.
  • Main game and score attack modes to compete against your friend’s scores.
  • Devastating smart bombs for when things get too much.
  • Simple and easy to use control system.
  • Quirky but banging soundtrack

Need For Speed: The Run 3DS and Wii

This is a screenshot of the new game I’m working on at Firebrand in Glasgow.

It’s the 3DS version of Need for Speed: The Run.  Looks pretty snazzy doesn’t it?

You should see it moving and in full 3D.

We are also making the Wii version in-house.

It’s due for release in November.  More news soon!

Super Snake HD on AppStore

Hello there!

Just heard that Super Snake HD is up on the AppStore.

Enjoy some harmless garden-reggae and exquisite snake omming noises 😀

New job!


After an absolutely amazing year and a half at Ruffian, it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure!

I’ve just got a job at the awesome Firebrand Games in Glasgow, so up and moving across to the west.

Exciting stuff!