Update Spring 2022

Hello again! Well, the back end of 2021 was hectic. In January 2022 I left Auroch and started work at Wushu Studios Ltd in Liverpool. More on that soon! But for now, here’s all the stuff I’ve been up to from my last update until now…

Fury of Dracula

I was Snr Producer on Fury of Dracula for PS4 and XBox Consoles. This was a console adaptation of a Steam adaptation of a board game.

Mars Horizon – Daring Expeditions Update

This was a fun update to Mars Horizon wot I produced. It added some really cool stuff, my favourite being the Rosetta mission. Here’s me streaming the mission with a cool fella from ESA who actually worked on the mission itself!

Plague Inc The Cure

I was snr producer on Plague Inc: The Cure for Consoles! This was a new game mode for Plague Inc where instead of being a virus, you’re trying to neutralise the pandemic.

Megaquarium DLC

Banged this out the door, too! An update to the console version I was snr producer on, this one added fresh water species to the mix

Steve Jackson’s Ogre: Console Edition

I worked on this, hasn’t been released yet, but it was fun working with the team to make this for modern consoles

‘Other Stuff’ – there was other stuff I was doing at Auroch I can’t talk about because it isn’t announced.


Making Horatio Goes Snowboarding really honed my drum and bass skills, here’s a preview of me trying to play the Endless Mode music from the game live

Horatio Goes Snowboarding

Horatio Goes Snowboarding came out on Steam, PS4, PS5, XBone, XSeries and Nintendo Switch! That’s the most simultaneous platforms ISG has launched on yet. A testament to how easy Unity makes all that.

Here’s the launch trailer

This is my favourite review of our game, which came from YouTuber ‘RoseTintedSpectrum’.

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