Update: Summer 2021

The six-monthly update time to the chronicles of stuff wot I been doin’.

Basically, loads. Let’s start with Mars Horizon, though. So that came out which I was producer on, then we worked on some DLC for it. The full game and the free DLC ‘Expanded Horizons’ is out now on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Then after that, I was producer on a console port of a PC game called The Colonists. It’s The Settlers with Robots. That was a fun project, taking it from a very PC centric UI to a fun console experience. That’s out now on PS4, Xbox and Switch published by Auroch Digital.

And in between all this, me and Charlie at Infinite State Games have been working on a little something called Horatio Goes Snowboarding. It’s kinda a mixture of every old 8 bit arcade skiing game, even with a little Frogger-esque sequence reminiscent of Horace Goes Skiing. Only we’ve added a bunch of cool modern mechanics and multipliers. We put it out in Early Access for free at first, and at the time of writing this update we’re about a month away from doing our final update and switching to paid. The Early Access experience has been very interesting. This game was always a kinda throw away fuck it sort of venture to give us the outcomes of Charlie getting used to Unity, me learning how to make Jungle and 3D models, and to test out Early Access for when we do our next big ISG game.

Weird thing about Jungle is it’s not really something I’d listened a lot to, but people really seem to be enjoying the soundtrack to Horation which makes me very happy indeed. Here’s one of the tunes from the game

Here’s a little footage of the game in its current state of writing this blog entry

Cheers, until the next one!

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