Well I’m settling in nicely as my new role of creative director at Infinite State Games.

It’s great to be making games I care about again, and fantastic to be making games suitable and appealing for everyone and anyone.

We’ve assembled a great little team at ISG, headed up by code Godfather; Charlie Scott-Skinner.

As Creative Director, I’m dealing with the design, art and audio as well as social media marketing and all that stuff. We’ve also roped in an old talented friend Neon Hearts on senior level design duty who’s bringing a lot of joy and original ideas to levels and the company as a whole.

Our first big project as the newly expanded Infinite State Games studio; Frutorious, is going REALLY well.  It’s a good few months off being complete, the art needs a bit of polish and we’re knocking out as many levels as we can to give people a rich and varied experience.  There’ll be a lot of focus testing before release to make sure it’s as fun as possible and we’re starting to get very excited indeed.

What’s equally as exciting is the amount of people who are inspired by it to offer us help in a variety of ways from marketing and graphic design to play testing and feedback.

For me though, the best thing about it is that it has inspired some friends in the mainstream games industry to start making their own games in their spare time.  I suppose if three guys can make a game out of plasticine, felt and pipecleaners it gives everyone hope!

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